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The Team

DataLimits started its global initiative in March 2020, just as the coronavirus outbreak was bringing the world to a standstill. In light of this global threat, the inspiration was born for a non-profit organization to ignite the energies of many to address the global “digital disregard” of data privacy rights, recognizing the reality of a digital virus becoming ever more present in our daily use of the internet of things (IOT), with an ever increasing harmful impact on our lives.

While there are already many other organizations that contribute to this discussion about data privacy rights, DataLimits does not intend to “replicate” the already existing valuable information and insights.


DataLimits will provide its membership with awareness of activities undertaken by other similar organizations in an attempt to reinforce DataLimits’ mission of global respect for data privacy rights





Contribute Financially

The objective of DataLimits is to be self-funding after an initial set-up phase.


A number of opportunities will be pursued for obtaining financial funding of its operations, such as membership fees, training services, crowd-funding platforms and sponsorship relationships, among others.

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