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Join the Team

Use your talent:  there are several ways to be part of the DataLimits team!

You can play an integral part in DataLimits’ mission by joining DataLimits as an active member. If you are part of an organization or company, you can join as an Institutional member. To do so, please complete the membership application form and read our Bylaws and Privacy Policy.

You can also be involved as a non-member by being a sponsor or otherwise supporting DataLimits.  For more information, please contact us:

  •      View staff open positions

  •      View internships/volunteer roles

  •      Describe other ways you would like to contribute to the mission of DataLimits


  •      Support fundraising initiatives

  •      Do research on specific data privacy issues

  •      Prepare newsletters

  •      Interact with consumer trade organizations

  •      Write articles or papers on data privacy concerns and solutions

  •      Develop software that supports data privacy protection rights

  •      Organize events with schools to raise awareness of data privacy rights

In order to Join the Team, you have to Become a Member or Contact Us.

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