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What are “Deepfakes? The name is based on the use by an individual or company of “deep learning” technology.


This type of technology is based on “artificial intelligence” (AI) that allows a face of a person to be placed onto another person’s body, almost like it was a “mask” used by an actor/actress.


The result is to create a fake (forgery) which visually seems to be someone you know, but in reality…it is not. Hollywood film studios use AI algorithms to also “trick the eye” into believing something you see, but it is actually a fake.


As AI technology advances, it is becoming increasingly difficult for a person to understand what is real or fake.


The use of your personal data (your face) is not allowed without your consent, and the misuse can lead to fraudulent conduct that harms you and your reputation.

To submit a "Complaint" you have to be a Member, click on the link below.

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